Xhosa Cultural Day Tour

Your day starts at 10 am when Akhona will take you to her house to teach you how to make Xhosa bread. Learn how to make your own dough with the ingredients Akhona will give you. Go to the forest to collect your wood for baking. You'll bring it back the African way....which mean you pack it on your head. After that Vuyani, our local tour guide, will take you on an exciting village tour and will explain everything about what people are doing in a small, African rural village, how the houses are build and about Xhosa traditions. You'll also visit the local primary school and pre-school. Once you are back from the tour, your dough will be ready to bake your own bread and have a home made Xhosa lunch. 

In the afternoon we'll take you at the back of the bakkie and drive through the Tyume Valley villages. Visit different projects ranging from visiting a lady with an amazing permaculture garden to a local artist. End your day with a cold beer in a shebeen (local pub). From the villagers to the guests (that's you), the experience contributes to greater inter cultural awareness and sensitivity. Be part of this great day.