LEO Non Profit Organisation

As a backpackers we can't be an island in our local community. As the backpackers grows, also the community has to grow with us. For this we started a Non Profit Organisation called LEO (Learn to Earn to Own). The key is skills transfer, job creation and stimulating farming activities.

The biggest challenge here at Elundini to grow veggies is cattle that walks around free and lack of water. For this we started distributing netting material for fencing and water tanks. 

As winters can be very cold here at Elundini with temperates dropping below 0 degrees Celcius, we want to raise money to distibute wood stoves to the people. There is plenty of wood in the area for heating. We believe being warm is a basic right. Help us to get everybody warm here by next winter. Cost of 1 stove is R2500 or 170 euro.

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Bank details SA: Learn to Earn to Own Community Project, First National Bank, Nr.: 62550729374, Bank code: 210219

Bank details Europe: SOL, Stijn Streuvelsstraat 7, BE 3920 Lommel, BE11735016466948, BIC KREDBEBB, Referentie: Project LEO + contact details.