Future Vision was started in 2014 by Lieve Claessen, owner of Elundini Backpackers in Lushington, near Hogsback . She saw the local schools/creches being understaffed and a more than 60% unemployment rate with people struggling to survive. For this reason, she decided to set up Future Vision Volunteer Program with the intention of bringing in international volunteers to provide the much needed extra help in the community.

Lushington was established over 30 years ago when people were removed from their original village when a dam was built for the water supply of the area. They were given new homes in Lushington. This was during the Ciskei Independent government in 1984. Lushington has +/-800 habitants with 2 crèches, 2 primary schools and 1 junior secondary schooll.

For more information check http://www.futurevisionsa.yolasite.com or send us an e-mail: info@elundinibackpackers.com